Brand Development

Starting from the basics

We start with the essentials including developing your name, logo and description. These elements are crucial for success in all businesses. Having a proper name, logo and description that conveys the brand goes a mile. These foundational aspects are reused in all your advertising media including: business cards, banners, flyers and posters. WebVolt specializes in creating all the items that work in conjunction with your website and business.

Bringing things full circle

Web design is not the only aspect needed to be taken into account for branding. Your branding needs to permeate through all facets of your business including business cards, brochures, banners and other print items. Our team of graphics designers can custom tailor all your business materials to compliment your brand and to maintain consistency.

Establishing your web presence

Getting your name out there is no easy endeavour, especially in markets saturated with competition. Costs are high as competitors compete for ad space and exposure in the same market. Positioning your business in a way that differentiates yourself is key for entering untapped markets. Doing so can reduce costs and generate brand equity. WebVolt knows how to leverage the necessary tools to find and establish your niche in the most cost effective way.

Web design is an art

Simply throwing up a website is not enough. We know that a website must reflect and enhance your brand. Appearance matters, it conveys trustworthiness, credibility and quality. In order to achieve this, meticulous attention to detail is must. Our team designs a website based on the specific characteristics of your brand. As small as these details are, they enable you to reach the target audience and generate a following. Color scheme, spacing, font, images are all carefully evaluated to harmonize and leave your customers speechless.

Services we currently offer:

  • Logo Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Social Media Design

  • Marketing Material (Print Design)

  • Social Network Integration

  • Content Writing

  • Blog Development

  • Article Writing

  • Inbound Marketing (Landing, Social Media, etc)

  • Outbound Marketing (SEO, PPC, etc)

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