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Web Design + Development Process

1. Plan It

Our team will gather information about requirements, goals, objectives, features and target audience for your website. More importantly, we create your website wireframes – all the pages on the website with the needed hierarchy and nomenclature.

3. Build It

We start by developing a framework which ensures we have a basic engine for the website. We also integrate various features for your website and also test functionality to ensure no feature is missed.

2. Design It

We represent your concept visually and begin designing them using a wireframe. Once the designs are finalized, we begin the process of coding, using HTML and CSS, or any other interactive elements needed to create your concept.

4. Launch It

We take your new website for a spin, and test drive all the features and functionalities before we move this to a live server. We want to ensure quality of your new website design & development and make sure we have met your goals and objectives.

Our Logo Process

Design Brief

  • Learn:
    At this point we gather all the necessary information for your project and get to know what your business is really about. Some of our clients know exactly what they want designed, but others clients may use our expertise to come up with creative designs.


  • Brainstorm:
    We take all the information you have provided us and do research about the industry of your business. We look at historical perspectives of the industry and emerging trends in the current marketplace

Build & Design Concepts

  • The Concept:
    Now to the fun part, we design the logo after gathering all this information and develop a balanced blend of great graphics that convey the right message for you business. We create simple designs, which are suitable for multitude of different print designs (Business cards, marketing marketing material, web design and more)


  • Your Design:
    Once we’ve finalized your design, it’s time for us to present it to you. We may provide you with a variety of logos to choose from, and you can decide which best represents your business and brand.

Web Marketing (SEO) Process

Target Market Analysis:

  • Website analysis:
    we review all meta descriptions and keywords, visible text and code to determine if how well you are ready for search engines.
  • Competitive analysis:
    we examine content keywords and present search engine ranking to determine effective search engine strategy.
  • Initial keyword nomination:
    We develop a prioritized list of potential searched keywords related to your customer segment.

Keyword Research

  • Keyword analysis:
    we further identify a targeted more specific list of keywords and phrases. We begin to review competitive lists and industry sources to determine how websites are competing for each keyword.
  • Baseline Ranking Assessment:
    We need to further understand where you stand with your ranking to assess long term rankings. We will do minor adjustments and monitor for 30-45 days to review improvements in website traffic and see if it meets your goals and objectives.

Content Optimization

On-site SEO:
We start off by creating key based titles to help establish the theme of the page and keyword structure. We then add meta description tags and search pages on the page, which are integrated into your source code and existing content on the web pages. We create and submit sitemaps for search engines such as Google and Bing to index your website.

On-going testing and maintenance

We continue to test and measure our strategy and analyze search engine rankings and web traffic. We also assess all the individual keyword performance and review results and improve where necessary.

Maintenance helps us determine if any additional or modifications of keywords on the website are necessary to help improve search engine rankings.

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