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Initial audit and research

The website undergoes a thorough research phase to ensure the most optimal keywords are selected. WebVolt always picks the winning battles. Unlike the usual costly competitive keywords, our SEO experts target low competition and high traffic volume keywords. This ensures you maximize the value of your investment. Following this, the limiting factors of your website are identified and the solutions are proposed.

Face it, nowadays nobody uses the phone book to find what they want. Google is the first place they look. But just being on Google can only get you so far. If your website is not on the first page of the search results, chances are it will not be seen. In this day and age, search engines generate a huge portion of traffic, it has become a channel that companies cannot afford to neglect.

On-site optimization

The most important work starts at home. A site that is efficiently optimized opens a plethora of possibilities. We start by creating the following:

  • Meta tags – These tags are what search engines display when they list your site. This include title, description and keywords tags.

  • Sitemaps – A sitemap is an index of all your pages and enables search engines to easily spider/index your website

  • Speed optimization – Google penalizes slow websites and rewards fast websites, Performing the proper steps to reduce redundant code and optimizing media will increase speed.

  • Link Rewriting – Rewriting your URLs to contain relevant keywords increases your traction on the search engine results

Off-site optimization

Once a foundation is built on-site, we will leverage the assets built thus far with further off-site optimization. This is performing work outside of the website to increase exposure and value to the search engines. We start by doing the following:

  • Link building – We generate backlinks to your website on other highly reputable sites with high ranking. Putting your link on these sites increases the credibility of your website and tells Google that your site is important.

  • Traffic generation – We generate relevant traffic to your website. Higher volume of visits tell the search engines that your content is valued and should be ranked higher

  • Directory Submissions – We submit your business and website to local directories

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The best way to jumpstart your business is using PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement. We create targeted ad campaigns catering to your niche. Our work does not stop there. We know that just getting clicks to your advertisement is not enough. At the end of the day, the sales and conversions are what matter.We consistently monitor the results and find ways to increase your conversion rates. Our proven lead gen pages achieve this and are consistently improving with constant A/B testing and keyword optimization.

Industry accreditation – we are a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals.

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